i love your account so much :) x

thank you ♥♥♥ ;)

hiiii! if you're looking for a new youtuber, check out "tate yo" he is hillarious, especially his video called "the lifestyle of a fangirl" youre blog is my life btw haha. xoxo

i will check ,and thank you <3

Mar 14th 1075 viasource

jc caylen
I ship #Jia, cuz’ real Jc’s fans(Caylen Clouds) gonna support them!

The six tally marks are for the 6 members of O2L

Mar 01st 575 viasource

jc caylen love

Jcs new tattoo is a palm tree :)

Feb 26th 676 viasource

jc caylen fab


That lip bite tho..

Feb 26th 657 viasource

jc caylen